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IPRO places users and research at the center of everything, making eDiscovery simpler with every release.

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The IPRO Design Pillars

Trustworthy, Sophisticated, Relevant, Empowering

We came together to discuss everything we know about IPRO users. These conversations revealed 4 themes: Trustworthiness, Sophistication, Relevance and Empowerment. We’ve claimed them as our design goal posts for building products that IPRO’s users will love.


We build trust with our users at every stage of eDiscovery. We’re transparent about how our products function so that our users feel confident in the integrity of their work.


eDiscovery professionals work in a complex domain at the intersection of data, technology, and the law. IPRO’s product suite aims to minimize the friction between you and technology, making it easier to navigate all of the moving parts.


We understand that there’s more than one way to solve a problem. Our users need a product that’s adaptive and flexible – a solution that meets their specific expectations and way of working.


More than a data-driven company, IPRO is a data-friendly company. We help users maximize insights because our data analytic tools are second to none.

The Future of IPRO Experiences Starts with You

Who are our users and what do they really want? The answers to these questions aren’t static, our users are always evolving. We constantly challenge what we think we know by regularly conducting Discovery Interviews and Usability Tests.

Discovery interviews

Discovery Interviews

We conduct Discovery Interviews so that we can ask users about their roles, processes, and challenges.

Through conversation and activities, we try to uncover the essence of a problem to create solutions that respect its requirements.

Usability Tests

We conduct Usability Tests so that we can verify what we have made from what we learned during discovery interviews.
The solutions we create are integrated into prototypes. Users are invited to perform guided tasks in the prototypes and give their inputs.

Usability testing

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