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Only collect the information that is relevant to your case

Search from a single interface, review data in place, and avoid over-collection with IPRO’s in-place search solution – Live EDA. Less irrelevant data collected = more efficient document review process.

Search to find relevant documents
In-place search and review of live data

Be in control of your data with less reliance on IT

Identify relevant data with less reliance on IT. Sift through tons of information yourself in a fraction of time with IPRO’s user-friendly, AI-driven solutions.

Surface key information fast and effortless

IPRO’s quick and advanced search solutions help you easily navigate live data and apply tags to simplify further review.

Identify the most important documents rapidly
Connect to all data repos

Get a fully integrated view of all your data sources

Connect to 20+ data sources on-premise and in the cloud, including Slack and Microsoft Teams. Choose where you need to search and narrow down your review without missing a document.


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