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IPRO + Microsoft: Better Together

IPRO partners with Microsoft to offer enhanced eDiscovery and Information Governance capabilities for data residing in Microsoft 365 solutions.

Tame Data Complexity

Traditional eDiscovery often requires all potentially relevant data across multiple sources to be copied and sent for review by outside counsel, which increases your clients’ cost and risk. IPRO OPEN DISCOVERY complements existing eDiscovery features within Microsoft 365 solutions, allowing for content search, review, and governance on data wherever it resides. By connecting in the cloud or on premise, IPRO can access live and archived items with all their metadata, and continuously crawl it for relevant data.

Learn more about how to tame your clients’ data complexity.

IPRO + Microsoft 365, Smart Collection & eDiscovery
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IPRO + Microsoft Simplifies Complex eDiscovery

Microsoft 365 offers varying eDiscovery capabilities depending on the licensing package your clients use. Learn how to determine the combined solution you need to address their more complex eDiscovery needs.

Discover Best Practices for Preservation

IPRO solutions eliminate the need to search your clients’ locations or applications separately, enabling results in seconds instead of hours or days, and include information governance to maximize information value.

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Tame Your Clients’ eDiscovery Dragon

IPRO OPEN DISCOVERY connects to Exchange, FilesShares, Teams, OneDrive and more – to allow you to search client data in-place-before review and analysis.

IPRO Partner Program

Expand your services by enabling clients to bridge the gap in their IG and eDiscovery processes with products spanning the entire EDRM.

This increased visibility allows you to identify and classify sensitive content so you can enforce your clients’ privacy, security, and compliance rules for your information – before you migrate, remediate, or collect it.

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Get a Security Audit

IPRO also extends the IG capabilities within Microsoft 365 solutions by enabling you to reduce redundant, obsolete, and trivial data for your clients and archive and backup all content, improving their security posture.

Learn how to get a security audit

What is Live EDA?

With Live EDA from IPRO, you can gain insight far earlier in the discovery process for data in Microsoft 365, saving time and resources. IPRO uses AI to offer Live EDA and Active Learning to further extend your eDiscovery capabilities

Cases can last years and involve multiple custodians who must be notified, and relevant documents captured and preserved in their native state for defensibility reasons. With IPRO, tamper-proof legal hold notifications and repositories can be created to lock live and archived items. Legal hold policies override regular retention and deletion policies, therefore eliminating spoliation risks with a full, documented chain-of-custody

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