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Armedia is a platform-agnostic solutions integrator that provides cost-effective IT Modernization, Data Management, Case Management solutions. Combined with IPRO solutions, the two provide a scalable DSAR/PRR/FOIA platform that gives control over data access, document review, redaction and traceable audits to prevent any possible litigation.

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Organizations may possess every bit of the data requested by the opposing party or needed for evidence, it makes no difference if it can’t be found. IPRO OPEN DISCOVERY ensures organizational information can be leveraged when the time comes to mitigate legal risks. Performing eDiscovery in-house by involving relevant business units, attorneys, paralegals, and HR, drives cost and IT involvement down.


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Interested in creating recurring lines of revenue by embracing the convergence of IG and eDiscovery in new vertical markets including finance, healthcare, legal, and government?

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