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Today’s small legal teams increasingly have to deal with large complex datasets. The wide variety of document types, data sizes, and sources, are making it painful to work with all case evidence. Eliminate case workflow inefficiencies, reduce the costs, and minimize the delays from using fragmented tools. LOCAL DISCOVERY simplifies the collaboration and the management of evidence throughout the entire litigation lifecycle so you can better serve your clients.

Manage All Aspects of Your Cases from a Centralized Dashboard

Manage All Aspects of Your Cases from a Centralized Dashboard

One consolidated tool that gives you access to everything from a centralized dashboard, combined with efficient workflows that will accelerate your case preparation.

  • Complete case management
  • Quickly manage users and their access
  • Upload data from hundreds of file types
  • Cull, review, and manage facts efficiently
  • Print, scan, and produce evidence
  • Create compelling exhibit presentations

Read Between the Pixels with Efficient Document Review

Our document interface lets your team search documents and transcripts using powerful filtering capabilities. Decrease reviewer confusion and fatigue by organizing documents for efficient review.

  • Perform quick searches and advanced searches
  • View and tag relevant case documents
  • Highlight keywords and key facts
  • Ensure consistency with coding form rules
  • Redact privileged information
Read Between the Pixels with Efficient Document Review

Produce Accurately Every Time

Produce Accurately Every Time

Use controlled templates to produce with confidence. Meet the production specifications issued by court orders or the Department of Justice, FOIA legal guidelines, SEC, and other regulatory bodies.

  • Include TIFF, PDF, page OCR, or native formats in your production
  • Take control of Bates Numbering and endorsement mappings
  • Flexible production for images, natives, and extracted text
  • Validate the redactions to prevent exposure of privileged
  • User-friendly quality control
  • Create load files for multiple review tools

Present a Compelling Case Story

LOCAL DISCOVERY includes the most widely-used trial presentation software, TRIAL DIRECTOR. It helps to “connect the dots” by managing facts and highlights, then present them in the proper chronological order. Transform bits of information into compelling evidence. Effectively manage your witnesses, documents, and testimony. Make an impact of juries and clients with stunning multimedia presentation capabilities.

  • Organize information into workbooks for fast recall
  • Easily identify the most important facts at a glance
  • Present virtually any type of document or media from your PC
  • Create deposition clips in a snap
  • Move from desktop to laptop for use in trial
  • Create new slides on the fly
Present a Compelling Case Story
Deployed Locally Available Where You Are

Deployed Locally, Available Where You Are

Designed for efficiency, the small footprint of LOCAL DISCOVERY makes it easy to install and learn. It runs very well on all common, business-class mobile computers – no need for dedicated hardware or additional technical support helps to keep your operating costs in check.

  • Work from anywhere, even without fast internet
  • Manage hosting costs by keeping data local
  • Keep case data stored on a file share server for collaboration purposes
  • Securely sync data between collaborators

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