ZyLAB ONEFeatures

ZyLAB ONE Features

Connected solutions for end-to-end eDiscovery

The #1 eDiscovery platform for corporations and governments

Connect with IPRO

A platform that can connect to dozens of data sources

Gain the edge

ZyLAB ONE’s game changing features

Direct Data Connectors

Connect, analyze, and collect data directly from all your cloud and on-premises repositories.

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IPRO can connect directly to Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, One Drive, Exchange, and Teams, in their native format with relevant metadata.

Collaboration Tools

Access all data from your most common collaboration tools including Slack, Zoom, Teams, and others.

File Storage

Access shared drives on your organization’s network to locate relevant data.

Google Workspace

Gather all of the data from Google Drive, and Gmail in IPRO to keep it secure and accessible for review and collaboration.

Live Early Data Assessment

Analyze, search, and review data in place before collection.

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In-place search

Quick and advanced search options help you navigate live data. Easily repeat searches using templates.

In-place review

Review documents live and apply tags to organize collections and review.

Identify sensitive data

Proactively identify sensitive data, such as PII, PHI, PCI and other critical data for better control.

In-place analytics

Uncover crucial documents and communications to support your proportionality and strategic arguments.

Upload data from any location

Easily upload your files in our secure, online portal to quickly ingest, assess, report, and stream millions of documents directly into document review, fast.


Our technology automatically identifies duplicates in your document collection and segregates them so you don’t waste time reviewing the same document multiple times.

OCR / text extraction

Our OCR and text extraction options ensure the best quality of searchable text and support foreign language review.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Find relevant data and reduce document volume quickly with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

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Basic / Quick Search

Begin your data analysis with a simple content (text) search or field search in Quick Search.

Advanced Search

Target your search with basic or advanced search options, such as wildcards, patterns, and entity search.

Concept wheel

AI searches your data to identify and group conceptually similar documents, then presents a topic wheel with categories so you can quickly drill down into the data of interest.

Similar Documents

Boost efficiency by identifying and comparing similar documents, grouping the results, finding documents with specific text or culling those with duplicate text.

Email Threading

Streamline a document review using email threading to review and tag emails more efficiently. By reviewing the entire thread at once, you can see the conversation as it originally occurred.

Active Learning

Use AI as a virtual assistant to augment your review teams and processes.

Entity recognition

Analyze documents to extract pertinent data regarding important places, organizations, products, people or other common data categories useful for reviewing documents.

Review & Production

Search and review documents then prepare and create productions.

Review batch workflow

Divide documents into batches manually or automatically and make the most of your review team’s resources.

Document viewer

Get both a high-level and detailed assessment of the coding or tagging performed during the document review process.

Audio and video review

Navigate easily through your audio and video files as if they were documents. All with the help of auto-transcription.

Automated Redaction

Product your confidential information quickly with easy to use manual and automatic redaction of documents.

Final Production

Product with proper headers/footers, numbering, and marketing to deliver traceable, and non-reputable documents.

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