A Day in the Life of an IPRO Trainer/Consultant

IPRO’s Trainers and Consultants are a division of the Professional Services group. Our team is comprised of professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the legal industry. Together, we’ve worked in just about every space within the legal, Litigation Support, and eDiscovery business including law firms, corporate legal departments, service providers, independent business owners and trial consultants. Every member of the team brings their expertise and insight to assist you. You’ll find that we’re a talented group who share a common passion for problem-solving and a deep commitment to client satisfaction.

Day to day, we’re tackling any number of tasks that could include creating customized workflows for specific clients, troubleshooting, building templates, conducting deployment and training sessions, administering certification exams, advising our users of best practices for taking advantage of our software and working with our product development team to deliver feedback on new products and features.

Of course, collaborating with our clients is priority number one. However, we also work on a variety of projects that range from the design of training and deployment agendas to software testing for our product development team to development and documentation of workflow solutions. And we especially love to get our hands ‘dirty’ and assist clients with software implementations as well as data and server migrations. Our software is very powerful and can be utilized in many different ways. Our job is to ensure our clients understand the best workflows to help them win their cases!

We take great pride in the fact that we are often advocates for you, our clients. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been in your shoes and have the tools to research and provide customized solutions using IPRO products.

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