eDiscovery Doesn’t Have to be Hard: IPRO’s Hosting and Processing Team Has Your Back

eDiscovery Hosting and Processing Services

There’s a lot of talk in the legal tech world about how more and more corporate legal teams are bringing eDiscovery in-house. And there’s no doubt, doing so has many benefits. But unless your legal team has a mature workflow managed by eDiscovery specialists, open lines of communication and a clear understanding with the IT department, and a robust software solution that not only handles the more straightforward left side of the EDRM (legal hold, preservation, and collection) but also the complex and cost-intensive right side (processing, review, and production), then things can get difficult in a hurry. That’s where IPRO’s eDiscovery hosting and processing services come in. We have many models for services centered around the IPRO Cloud, and we can be as hands-on or hands-off as needed.

How Does IPRO help with eDiscovery?

Our project managers, consultants, and services team are here to assist you with building an eDiscovery workflow that is comprehensive and cost-effective.

  • Best-in-Class Processing:

IPRO is here to assist you with all your ESI processing needs. Using our completely automated and scalable solution, our team of experts can quickly process thousands of filetypes and stream it automatically into review. No job is too large!

  • Early Case Assessment (ECA):

Using our Timeline, Visual Search, Clustering, and Keyword Management features, we can help you cull down or prioritize your data for a more focused review. Our consultants can also review workflows and keyword search syntax and assist with prioritizing your Concept Clusters.

  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR):

Utilizing IPRO Analytics and our TAR workflow, we can help you identify responsive and non-responsive documents to either prioritize your review or reduce the number of records for linear review.

  • Production:

Our project managers can help stay ahead of production deadlines! We can build production templates ahead of time, image relevant documents proactively as they become available, and do a thorough QC of the production to ensure the job is done right and on time.

Will we have to change our processes?

IPRO can follow your workflows and processes, suggest best practices to accomplish what you need, or we can be your primary technicians for day-to-day activity while giving you visibility into the entire process. Our Project Managers and Services Team will collaborate with you in whatever way works best for your needs.

Will our data be safe?

Ipro’s services are hosted in an SSAE 16 Type 2 Data Center (SOC I / SOC II / SOC III / HIPPA / Safe Harbor Compliant) with biometric security scans and 24/7/365 onsite operational & security staff.

When the stakes are high and deadlines are looming, IPRO has your back. For a full listing of all our service offerings, visit us here.