IPRO Announces Improved Training and Certification Guidelines

IPRO is pleased to announce a new and improved process for product training and certification. Krista Schmidt, Director of Professional Services says, “IPRO’s ability to scale its training and certification programs in synchronicity with its evolving technology greatly contributes to customer confidence”

Product Certification exams are geared towards expert-level individuals who are responsible for the overall administration and workflow design in the product they are looking to certify in with both administrative and end-user functionalities.

All product exams consist of both a written and practical exam component in that order, designed to demonstrate the tester’s knowledge of both the product and workflow best practices.

Product Certification prerequisites include Advanced Product Training by the IPRO Training Department and 6 months of working experience in the product. (Hands-on practical experience in the product is critical to passing the certification exam).

  • Books and notes are NOT permitted during examination.
  • Test takers must achieve a score of 80% or higher on both the written and practical exam sections.
  • Product Certifications expire one year from the date of certification.
  • IPRO Certified Admins will be required to take a 1-hour written renewal examination within 30 days prior to the expiration of their certification.
  • IPRO Certified Admins will receive notification at the 90, 60, and 30 day mark prior to expiration.
  • Renewal examinations include a combination of original exam questions and new release questions for a total of 30.

With these new clear and concise standards, IPRO hopes to provide test takers with enhanced certification confidence, and heightened prestige.

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