IPRO Announces New Releases of Three Flagship Products

New Releases of Allegro, Eclipse, and eCapture Feature Significant Speed and Workflow Improvements

Phoenix, AZ (September 27, 2013) – IPRO Tech, Inc., a worldwide leader in the design of e-Discovery software, today announced new releases of its three flagship products. Early case assessment product Allegro, web-based review tool Eclipse, and high-speed processing tool eCapture all received significant performance and feature upgrades, allowing users to achieve an even better end-to-end e-discovery workflow.

Major enhancements to early case assessment tool Allegro include the popularly requested option to extract embedded objects on ingestion and treat them as documents, allowing for more accurate review counts and improved export capabilities. Major updates to review platform Eclipse include a technology upgrade of the Content Analyst platform, the software behind Eclipse’s included analytical capabilities such as email threading, conceptual clustering and near-duplicate detection, was added to the web-based review platform. Other added features include coding auto-save and file-type icons for native files, allowing users to easily identify files in a format they are used to.

Allegro and Eclipse both received integration improvements, including a similar look and feel across the applications, which reduces training needs and increases the end-to-end functionality of the platform.

High-speed processing and production engine eCapture now features 8 threads per worker machine, allowing users to double the amount of tasks a worker machine can complete, vastly improving productivity and speed. Enhanced password detection and the ability to export a single PDF containing an entire family are just a couple of the additional workflow enhancements found in this new eCapture release.

“These new releases of IPRO’s three major technologies will significantly increase the capabilities of our partners and clients,” said Kim Taylor, President and COO of IPRO Tech, Inc. “Adding four additional threads to eCapture worker machines is an unprecedented upgrade that will double the speed with which users can process large volumes of data. The new Content Analyst update will allow Eclipse users access to the most cutting edge analytics package at absolutely no additional charge. Finally, Allegro’s added capability to extract embedded objects upon ingestion is an enhancement we’re sure our clients will be very excited about.”

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