IPRO Continues to Boost ADD Automated Digital Discovery®

Tempe, Ariz., October 24, 2016 — IPRO Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today the release of several enhancements to its flagship platform Automated Digital Discovery® (ADD). The new version, ADD 2016.3.1, supports forensic image files and lets users further centralize case management across the entire ADD workflow.

“This latest release represents IPRO’s sustained commitment to providing added value across a broad range of litigation scenarios, as well as continuing to cut back the amount of time it takes to get cases through the discovery process,” said IPRO COO Sarai Guerra. “At IPRO, we have a profound understanding of what drives the bottom line for litigation professionals. And that’s precisely what drives our own innovation. We’re constantly looking for new and creative ways to make the eDiscovery process more simple, affordable and automated.”

Users of ADD 2016.3.1 can now employ ADD Media Manager to mount, scan and process forensic image files. It also offers the ability to select relevant individual folders and files within a drive, rather than processing and reviewing irrelevant content. ADD supports logical and physical forensic file types including EnCase .E01, EX01, .L01, .LX01; AccessData .AD1; .DD and .RAW images (Unix/Linux); Forensic File Format .AFF; and other common formats such as .VHD, .ISO, .DMG, .MFS01, etc.

Further bolstering ADD is the ability to more effectively centralize case creation and processing. With ADD 2016.3.1, an already efficient process now requires even fewer touches and provides a more streamlined experience. Case administrators need only to access the ADD Administration view to globally create New Managing and Sub-Clients, New Cases or Projects, and New Case Users.

About IPRO Tech, LLC

Founded in 1989, IPRO is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery software solutions. IPRO’s ADD Automated Digital Discovery® workflow platform helps customers organize, review, process and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity — more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. To learn more visit To schedule a private demonstration, email [email protected] or go online to find a Partner today.