IPRO’s COVID-19 Response & Our Continued Customer Commitment

Written by Dean Brown

The spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has many organizations looking for ways to protect their employees and changing the way they do business. We at IPRO are doing everything possible to protect our team members, suppliers, and clients, and to minimize disruption to your business and ours.  During this uncertain time, I wanted to communicate what IPRO is doing to protect business continuity for the software, support, and services our customers rely on, so they can focus on their employees and businesses, instead of worrying about technology.

I’m incredibly lucky to work with a talented and committed team here at IPRO.  Our workforce is flexible and adept at collaboration from any location. In response to the current unprecedented situation, IPRO has initiated several proactive programs for its employees and teams critical to your services.

  • To protect our customers, our staff, and our partners, IPRO will be closing our offices effective 3/20/2020 for the next 60 days. You should not see any disruption in our ability to support you across sales, support, training, engineering, or services.  Our Technical Support will continue 24×7.
  • Our customer support, implementation, customer success, and engineering operations teams are equipped with special and unique procedures to ensure continuity. Our business continuity plans are in place and up to date and include the infrastructure for all our employees to work from home.
  • Continuing to support customers and protecting their data is our main priority. We will continue to comply with security policies, specifically in relation to protecting all of our client data. For our Cloud customers, we will follow up with new data transfer instructions.
  • We have suspended all travel to reduce the potential impact on our teams and yours.  However, our staff are equipped with virtual communication tools to help you, whether that is a sales question, training, or managing an existing case. We encourage all our customers and partners to take advantage of these virtual tools. If you have paid for an on-site training or consulting session, we will be contacting you to either postpone or modify the session to be virtual.
  • Our Engineering teams are still moving forward as we plan for another product release for both our Enterprise and Desktop deployments. Keep an eye out for release notifications.
  • If our customers should experience any issues or concerns with their ability to serve their own clients, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our support teams stand ready to help with any software-related questions, and our services team can jump in immediately to assist with any eDiscovery challenges.

Our firm has embraced a flexible workplace and culture, and we are well-prepared to serve you. As we continue to monitor the situation, you can be assured our dedication to our clients and our partners remains unaffected. Thank you for your trust in us, and I wish all the best for the health of you and those you care about.