IPRO Survey Results: Is 2017 the year of automated eDiscovery?

TEMPE, Ariz., March 6, 2017— Planned investments this year in automated eDiscovery jumped nearly 10 points compared with last year, according to a recent survey conducted by IPRO Tech, LLC. The data comes from attendees at Legaltech New York 2017 responding to a poll by IPRO Tech, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions.

Of attendees polled, 43 percent indicated they planned a 2017 investment in eDiscovery, compared with 35 percent who had expected to make the outlay last year. The spike in planned investments coincides with the release early last year of IPRO’s flagship Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) platform.

“I’m not at all surprised by these results, because they mirror the banner year IPRO had in 2016 for sales and innovation,” said IPRO President & CEO Kim Taylor. “We’re already seeing a continuation of this demand in 2017, and we expect to set new records in the upcoming year.”

Findings from the IPRO Tech survey also confirm that cloud-based eDiscovery solutions continue to grow in popularity. While more than half of respondents indicated using a self-service cloud solution less than 25 percent of the time, nearly a third said they used this type of technology 50 percent of the time or more.

For those using the cloud, unlimited scalability and ease of use were the main reasons given, closely followed by low startup and long-term costs. This kind of success by users early on, followed by potentially explosive growth, mirrors the trajectory of ADD after its release last year.

IPRO Tech conducts the survey each year at the Legaltech eDiscovery trade show in New York City. Participants come from diverse geographic and professional backgrounds, and are randomly selected to participate. Questions this year touched upon investing in eDiscovery automation, using self-service cloud solutions, and why respondents considered the cloud.

About IPRO Tech, LLC

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