LegalTech New York 2018 Survey Results Demonstrate the Importance of Integration and Accessibility

Tempe, Arizona— IPRO Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery and trial solutions, announced today the results of survey findings conducted at LegalTech New York. According to responses from over one hundred legal industry professionals, over half answered that having an eDiscovery solution integrated with trial management software was vital. Additionally, nearly seventy percent of respondents want their cloud data accessible and mobile through a desktop application. Of those surveyed, approximately a third used trial presentation software for their last trial, while others used PowerPoint or other methods. The survey results demonstrate the importance of legal technology that continues to evolve with the industry needs.

Participants, from diverse geographic and industry backgrounds, were randomly selected and voluntarily participated. Consequently, the results support IPRO’s mission to unite eDiscovery and trial presentation technology in one streamlined location. The company recently introduced caSE Director 360, which integrates EclipseSE 360 with TrialDirector 360, along with other tools and utilities. It is the tech tool everyone needs. The platform adds to IPRO’s growing technology lineup, including cloud-based eDiscovery review with Eclipse.

About IPRO Tech, LLC Founded in 1989, IPRO is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery and trial presentation software. With the introduction of caSE Director 360, IPRO provides solutions from discovery to trial. IPRO’s ADD Automated Digital Discovery® workflow platform helps customers organize, review, process and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity — more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. To learn more visit To schedule a private demonstration, email [email protected] or go online to find a Partner today.