Legaltech Survey Shows Concern over Data Growth and Interest in Data Automation  

Attendees Share Fears, Limitations and Solutions for eDiscovery in 2016 

Tempe, Ariz. – February 17, 2016 – IPRO Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in the design of eDiscovery workflow software, today announced the results of survey findings conducted last week during Legaltech New York, the largest legal technology event of the year.  According to an instant survey of over one hundred attorneys, litigation support and eDiscovery specialists one of the biggest issues impacting eDiscovery in 2016 is data growth. Possibly in response to the limitations of current tools to help efficiently manage litigation data, over 35% of Legaltech attendees surveyed plan to invest in eDiscovery automation technology in 2016. Respondents also noted that the number one reason they do not use Technology Assisted Review (TAR) more frequently to help reduce large data sets is due to its cost.

“These findings show a growing consensus that we need a better way to deal with the dramatic growth of data and the increasing cost pressures it adds to litigation,” said Kim Taylor, President and CEO, IPRO. “We feel strongly that customers shouldn’t be limited by the inefficient, tedious and largely manual discovery workflows of old to manage data. Nor should attorneys be held hostage by the high price of TAR and be forced to choose whether they can afford the luxury of it to reduce their data collection prior to review. By combining automation with built-in analytics, legal professionals can now do more with fewer resources and at a lower cost.”

IPRO conducted the survey on February 2-4, 2016, at LegalTech 2016 in New York City. Survey participants, who came from diverse geographic and industry backgrounds, were randomly selected and participated in the survey that asked them to select the biggest issues impacting eDiscovery, analytics and TAR usage and interest in automation technology. Survey results underscore the vision of IPRO that eDiscovery should be simple, affordable and automated. IPRO recently relea
sed an update to its ADD Automated Digital Discovery platform – a patent-pending data-streaming technology that unifies and automates the eDiscovery workflow unlike any other solution on the market.

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