Search & Filtering Simplified with ADD Review (Eclipse)

Tempe, Ariz., January 26, 2017 — IPRO Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today the introduction of a simple, yet powerful, searching and filtering feature for the Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) platform. This ability to visually search or perform early case assessment streamlines a typically complex and time-consuming process, as ADD users can now see the impact of search criteria to more easily evaluate results.

“Our latest update to IPRO’s ADD platform is in line with our enduring commitment to help case teams pinpoint the facts much faster,” said IPRO President & CEO Kim Taylor. “It enables ADD’s ECA & Review module Eclipse to be a true data portal for filtering and culling without having to utilize multiple systems or disparate applications.”

Historically, ECA and document review were two very different processes typically handled using multiple technologies and, often times, by entirely different groups. Combining these methodologies in one solution enables reviewers to easily see which documents bubble to the top and make decisions on next steps.  The efficiencies gained by performing the processes in tandem are very powerful.

Visualizing results lets users more quickly inform case strategy teams and make any necessary adjustments to search terms, deadlines, budget and other important factors. The new functionality also includes the ability to easily identify conversations between parties, designate key custodians, and see a “heatmap” that registers keyword frequency against a variety of criteria, such as keyword by custodian. Search results also populate a timeline that displays historical occurrences of responsive terms.

The experience is now comparable to how one would buy merchandise from an online retailer, as a buyer would browse categories, use filters and send the desired products to the shopping cart.  In this workflow, users will browse data fields as categories and then promote potentially responsive documents to review. Visual searching and filtering are additional enhancements, while traditional methods of working through these procedures are still available.

About IPRO Tech, LLC

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