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By partnering with IPRO, ProFile Discovery Gives Clients Peace-of-Mind (While Saving Them Time & Money)

For nearly two decades, Ohio-based ProFile Discovery has been assisting Law Firms and Legal Departments with their eDiscovery projects from collection to production, including Managed Review. As ProFile owner Andrew Keck puts it, “We’ll work pretty much start to finish on the EDRM as needed, including cybersecurity, forensic investigations, and cyber penetration testing.” And since 2006, ProFile has worked collaboratively with IPRO, further enhancing its commitment in 2017 by joining the IPRO Partner Program as a reseller.

ProFile’s objective with new clients is to evaluate their ambitions, demonstrate the best tools available, and determine right-sized solutions. The demands of particular caseloads or information management needs, for example, may not warrant the cost of implementing a full-scale environment in-house. Which is why, in Keck’s view, it’s often much cheaper for organizations to initially outsource, until a different scale of operation is required.

Director of eDiscovery Linda Wong oversees the scope of services ProFile offers and has worked in step with the evolution of IPRO’s products, with a particular focus on filling the gap for small and mid-size firms in the U.S. as well as internationally, who lack their own litigation support teams.

Most ProFile projects average 500,000 documents for processing, but the high end may reach up to 13 million. Emails dominate, though an assortment of paper documents still require scanning and manual coding into IPRO. Clients typically send collected data as a PST file or give ProFile access to their Office 365 to obtain specific custodians’ data.

Using IPRO’s advanced analytics, our immediate focus is an Early Case Assessment to analyze the data provided. This allows us to confidently advise clients as to what we can do to save them time and money.

Hans Foster, Managing Partner of ProFile’s Cleveland office

IPRO for Enterprise’s ability to stream information directly into review during processing greatly reduces job completion time. As Linda Wong says, “We ingest data, turn to other work, then come back and start again. With streaming, we can manage each project and our time more efficiently.”

Hans Foster adds, “We are not done after data is processed into review. We also employ and contract with attorneys that specialize in linear document review and defensible Technology Assisted Review (TAR). Between a review team’s expertise, IPRO Analytics, and our workflow, IPRO’s TAR becomes ProFile’s Smart Review.”

Linda Wong also praises IPRO’s advanced analytics for email threading, near-duplicate identification, and concept clustering, which enable her team to quickly and accurately cull datasets. “In one case we cut documents by one-third by using concept searches and near-dupe to make sure we didn’t miss other versions or variations of a document,” she said. ProFile can also use these tools to QC productions from opposing counsel.

But ProFile’s workflow doesn’t stop there. As Hans Foster puts it, “we aren’t just collection to production, we are collection to court. Our team has sat in the hot seat for hundreds of trials, and a couple of us have worked inside law firms preparing for trial. This gives us unique perspective to organize clients during discovery with an eye toward trial, which allows the attorneys we serve to effectively prepare and not spend wasted time organizing and looking for documents.”

I’m really forward with clients when I tell them, “I’m not storing your data on our personal servers or in our office. I’m storing it on IPRO’s cloud.” And I’m doing that on my behalf and on their behalf, because I want to protect it.

Andrew Keck, owner of ProFile

And because ProFile utilizes IPRO for Enterprise to manage and secure the data of law firms and corporations, they know cybersecurity is of the highest importance. After a careful benefits analysis, Keck embraced IPRO’s cloud environment.

Keck’s team instills this confidence by sharing IPRO’s contact information with clients on day one. “I want our clients to recognize the things we can do for them, as well as the experience and support IPRO brings to the table. This gives legal teams the peace-of-mind to practice law, knowing ProFile and IPRO have the technology side of things covered.”

IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data.

By transforming the EDRM and thinking “upstream” we bring insight far earlier in the eDiscovery process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any stage, before data is even collected. By thinking about and interacting with your data differently, you’ll eliminate waste and reduce risk.