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Case Study

How Meta-e Discovery Uses IPRO to Lower Costs for Clients (Case Study)

Paul McVoy is the CEO and co-founder of Meta-e Discovery, an award-winning firm specializing in litigation support, technology-assisted review, and consulting. He oversees a dedicated team with offices in New York, NY, Fort Meyers, FL and Milford, Connecticut.

Formerly a law firm’s in-house eDiscovery unit, the independent company today works in state and federal courts alike, with a case load evenly split between plaintiffs and defendants. McVoy’s bio best summarizes his business philosophy: “By using the best technology, coupled with the right advice, any party, no matter what size, can match up evenly against any other.”

“Nothing beats IPRO for being able to process and handle multi-page and multi-document PDFs,” McVoy says. Meta-e Discovery has a long history of utilizing IPRO tools like TrialDirector, eScanit, and eCapture, products with a proven record of success on “the plaintiff side of things.”

IPRO Solutions for Every Stage

Meta-e Discovery routinely joins a case after it has already commenced, at which point they are inundated with previously produced PDFs. McVoy explains that his operation built its workflow around IPRO tools, because they’ve proven so integral to data-handling success.

We needed a powerful processing tool to handle data internally. But for our smaller clients, we also needed a more economical, compact footprint to do that. IPRO was perfect.

Paul McVoy, CEO and co-founder of Meta-e Discovery

In addition to helping clients with their discovery needs, Meta-e also assists them prepare for depositions, hearings, and trials. Their go to tool is TrialDirector. Its feature rich interface allows Meta-e to enable their clients’ examinations to focus on the important parts of their exhibits without slowing down

“The tool is so easy to use. We load all exhibits into TrialDirector ahead of the case to begin preparing it for the court.”

A Winning Combination

In one memorable case, a trial was slated to last four weeks. By utilizing TRIAL DIRECTOR’s capabilities and delivering a seamless experience, Meta-e helped expedite the trial, which ended a week early. Reduced preparatory time allowed the team to better focus on client needs, and a shorter trial saved the client $100,000 overall.

The client was so happy, we became their go-to service provider going forward. When they have new cases, we get them all. The technology allows us to lower costs for clients while taking on more business. And the use of IPRO services allows us to ramp up during times of need.

Paul McVoy, CEO and co-founder of Meta-e Discovery

TrialDirector’s audio/video sync capabilities top the list of McVoy’s favorite IPRO features, enabling the legal team to prepare deposition designations and to obtain daily exhibit lists with ease. Attorneys can call out documents “on the fly” during a trial, as others are speaking, and identify pertinent information quickly.

Exhibit production and other time-sensitive demands often warrant the involvement of a trial tech. Inserting someone into a team to serve that role for three to four weeks can be challenging. McVoy finds that IPRO’s Trial Director enables collaboration and reduces preparation time, particularly when a court orders a case to move quickly and neither side is displaying boards.

Meta-e cuts all video with TrialDirector ahead of time and leverages the skills of an IPRO with the platform’s functionality to get the job done. “It can be ten, fifteen, twenty hours a day. And with a small team, having someone come in and help is great.”

“One recent trial was unique in that all testimony was taken from historical video deposition designations. The judge was very impressed with how seamless and precise it came out. They hadn’t been exposed to such a high level of technology used in the courtroom or the level of expertise that the IPRO brought.”

McVoy insists that IPRO has delivered a high level of care and attention in every interaction, inside and outside the courtroom, over many years.

IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data.

By transforming the EDRM and thinking “upstream” we bring insight far earlier in the eDiscovery process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any stage, before data is even collected. By thinking about and interacting with your data differently, you’ll eliminate waste and reduce risk.