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Case Study

IPRO Integral to LightSpeed Legal Success

Since 2006, LightSpeed Legal has provided eDiscovery, forensic, and trial services predominately to Am Law 100 firms in the US, as well as a variety of global clients. To do this successfully, they must quickly and accurately expedite the processing of large quantities of ESI and scanning of documents.

Flexible, Scalable, Powerful

As Rith Kem, Chief Strategy Officer at LightSpeed, says, “you can’t do that without the array of flexible options IPRO provides.” He continues, “Our cases average between 100 and 200 gigabytes, but can quickly balloon to multiple terabytes. IPRO allows a strategic and nimble shop like LightSpeed to give white-glove service to all of our clients.”

Robust Analytics, Unparalleled Productions

When asked about which features specifically stand out, Rith responded, “All of the above,” going on to mention IPRO’s intricate processing features and flexibility, document batching, data reduction analytics, email threading, near dedupe, redactions, open APIs for 3rd party analytics, a robust ECA interface, on-the-fly but intricate reporting which includes access to the full metadata, and print options.

20 Terabytes, Multiple Languages, No Problem

In one recent case involving a government investigation into bribery charges at a Brazilian corporation, LightSpeed processed over 20 terabytes using IPRO for enterprise and loaded 15 million records into IPRO Review, hosted in LightSpeed’s own secure data center. LightSpeed brought in Portuguese speaking attorneys to begin the review process, and IPRO was selected for its user-friendly interface for review in addition to highly competitive pricing when compared to other platforms.

We love that it’s not a black box. Having access to the underlying database is very important. In a day and age when everything is automated, it’s easy getting data in, but a painful nightmare to have to go back and prove why things were produced the way they were. And we’ve done hundreds of productions using IPRO, and the level of quality to DOJ specifications is unparalleled.

Rith Kem, Chief Strategy Officer at LightSpeed

Analytics were also implemented at strategic points to assist in the efficiency of the review, such as running email threading and near-dupe analysis. IPRO also has a language ID feature that can identify up to 100 different languages. During the review, one reviewer said, “You can often tell when someone is discussing suspicious activity when they switch between languages.” IPRO’s ability to find these anomalies across multiple languages – in this instance, English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese – played a vital role for the reviewers.

Significant Cost Reduction Over Other eDiscovery Products

With any case, strategy evolves as things move forward. IPRO’s flexibility, myriad options, and unlimited scalability have been integral to LightSpeed’s success. “Unlike a few solutions,” Rith said, “you can host IPRO on-premises, in IPRO’s cloud, or in other 3rd party clouds. This along with IPRO’s transparent pricing, allows our clients to significantly reduce costs compared to using other products.”

IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data.

By transforming the EDRM and thinking “upstream” we bring insight far earlier in the eDiscovery process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any stage, before data is even collected. By thinking about and interacting with your data differently, you’ll eliminate waste and reduce risk.