IPRO Adds Open APIs and Extends Transcript Management in Flagship eDiscovery Solution

The new release IPRO signifies a bold move to open the company’s eDiscovery solution and move its transcript management solution to the cloud, empowering legal teams to collaborate and legal service providers to better control product functionality, and securely automate and integrate their existing workflows.

Tempe, Ariz., April 14, 2022– IPRO, the market leader in predictive eDiscovery and Information Governance software solutions, today announced expanded functionality to empower both users and development partners with more customization capabilities in the newly released version 10.0 of its OPEN DISCOVERY solution.

Enabling collaboration between attorneys and other legal review staff, law firms and legal service providers can immediately leverage the IPRO transcript solution to import, view, and annotate transcript files, as well as tag elements of a transcript with issue codes, enabling data and cases to be kept and managed together. The capability has been added to OPEN DISCOVERY after it was lauded by customers using it within IPRO TrialDirector, now enabling all our eDiscovery users to also take advantage of the functionality without having to use multiple tools or move data. The new transcription functionality also provides word indexes and other reporting, empowering users with deeper analytical capabilities that enable faster insights into their data.

The new Open APIs reflect the IPRO vision of providing an open architecture platform for legal service providers and other third-party software vendors that meets the evolving needs of managing eDiscovery data.

Leveraging IPRO solutions along with other eDiscovery and self-developed tools, they can utilize the new Open APIs to improve and differentiate their eDiscovery offerings using IPRO’s proven technology. By using the OPEN DISCOVERY REST APIs to easily integrate their tools, including case management, ingestion, exporting, and more, they can further develop a more customized and automated eDiscovery process, enabling for greater market differentiation and enhanced services.

“This latest release is a significant step in the expansion of our eDiscovery solutions and greatly illustrates our dedication to the needs of law firms and legal service providers,” said Frederic Bourget, VP of Product at IPRO. “By adding key functionality to our SaaS platform, we help all our customers differentiate and collaborate better to get to the facts faster.”

Other enhancements in the latest version of OPEN DISCOVERY include:

  • Export and Production Enhancements to allow configuration of native and/or image output based on document tags
  • Review Import Settings for streamlined and supported ingestion of documents for review including configurations for field mapping, numbering, and other settings
  • FIPS Compliance when enabled to provide higher level security when required
  • Performance Enhancements for faster document display and more granular level of control

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IPRO is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery software and information governance for law firms, corporations, governmental agencies, healthcare organizations and legal service providers. Founded in 1989 and based in Tempe, Arizona, IPRO is known for its best-in-class solutions (Live EDAOPEN DISCOVERYZyLAB ONE and Legal Hold) that deliver early data assessment (EDA) as well as real-time, hold-in-place data preservation. When IPRO’s products combine, there isn’t a legal discovery challenge they can’t handle. To learn more visit dev.ipro.com.

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