CLOC Solution Lab: Reinventing eDiscovery presented by IPRO

This session was originally part of the 2021 CLOC Solution Lab Series, and was held on August 4, 2021 at 10:00 am PT.

About the Webinar

eDiscovery was originally modeled after paper-based Discovery in order to entice lawyers to make the move from paper to digital. eDiscovery was never engineered for efficiency from the ground up. eDiscovery platforms had to be created as representations of physical discovery processes in order to entice early adoption from the reluctant discovery community to eDiscovery.

Now, over 20 years in, join IPRO’s Director of Information Governance, Nick Inglis, and Corporate Counsel at Environmental Chemical Corporation, James Laurie, as they evaluate current practices and looks outside of the world of eDiscovery and into the world of Information Governance as a source of inspiration for developing innovative new practices to distance ourselves more wholly from paper-based processes.

Meet the Speakers