How Early Data Assessment Is Changing and Why It Matters

This webinar was held on September 15, 2022 at 1pm ET.

Topic Summary

As the volume and variety of data within organizations has expanded significantly, managing that data effectively earlier in the eDiscovery life cycle has also become significantly more important. Legacy approaches of early assessment are no longer viable in today’s business climate of Big Data and remote workforces. How can your organization adapt to today’s challenges and keep your eDiscovery projects on the “fast track”?

This webinar will discuss how to put early data assessment on the fast track to address the volume and variety of potentially discoverable data organizations are addressing today. Topics include:

  • Understanding Today’s Big Data Challenges
  • How Changing Privacy Requirements Are Adding to the Challenges
  • Coming to “Terms” With Differentiating ECA and EDA
  • The Legacy Approach to EDA
  • How the “E” in EDA Has Evolved
  • How the “D” in EDA Has Developed
  • How the “A” in EDA Has Advanced
  • Recommendations for Putting EDA on the Fast Track