Finding Ways to Incorporate and Benefit from Using Active Learning in Your Processes

This webinar was originally held on November 17, 2021.

About the Webinar

Some legal professionals have shied away from active learning solutions because they believe it will interrupt workflows or do not have agreement on active learning with the opposing party. But the technology is gaining ground in some law firms and legal departments where it’s used in the background as an assistant to augment and improve existing processes.

Join IPRO Customer Success Manager, Andie Petersen and Director of Customer Success, Krista Schmidt, for a webinar with Women in eDiscovery as they presented multiple use cases for Active Learning in eDiscovery, how to successfully incorporate the solution into your workflow, and tips and tricks for using it to gain higher quality results.

Why we partnered with Women in eDiscovery

Aligning with IPRO’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, Women in eDiscovery™ (“WiE”) is a nonprofit organization focused on providing women with legal technology education, networking and leadership opportunities. Since its inception in 2007, Women in eDiscovery has grown globally with thousands of members and 31 chapters.

Meet the Speakers