Thought Leader Webinar: What Lawyers Need to Know About Shadow Information

This webinar was held on September 14, 2022 at 12pm ET.

Webinar Topic

Most health care organizations take great strides to ensure their electronic medical record (EMR) platforms can effectively secure protected health information and personally identifiable information. But what about the enterprise systems that integrate with these tools, such as shared drives, SharePoint, and other organizational support applications? That’s where shadow information – data that that you don’t know exists but presents risk to your organization – is most frequently found. Hackers and ransomware mal actors understand the value of finding shadow information. Do you?

Meet the Speaker

Nick Inglis

Nick Inglis

Director of Information Governance

Nick Inglis

Nick Inglis, CIP, IGP, INFO, is recognized as a passionate thought leader, advocate, and supporter of Information Governance. He has nearly twenty years of experience supporting learning, innovation, and economic development in facilitating the creation of the profession of Information Governance. Today, Nick serves as the Director of Information Governance at IPRO and Founder/Show Host at Nick Inglis lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with his wife, son, dog, and four cats.

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