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7 Ways Legal Technology Can Help Government Agencies

Legal teams at government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels are stretched when it comes to all resources – financial, technology, and staffing.

Regardless, government agency legal leaders are under pressure to get an increasing amount of work done and at the same time not overly tax the IT department. This can be a tall order, especially with growing volumes of legal data, an increase in cases, the constant emergence of new regulations, and the rise in cyber security threats.

To make ends meet, they often end up borrowing resources from IT departments that have other priorities and don’t have the legal expertise to understand which data or groups of data are required and relevant to a Public Records Request (PRR). They also might delay or forgo completing tasks required for such requests because their limited resources had to be pulled back into other tasks.

Fortunately, there are steps CIOs in government agencies can take to help their legal teams refocus priorities, and at the same time help keep IT focused on its own priorities.

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Discover the 7 ways technology can help government agency legal teams bring data management more in house for their Public Records Requests and other eDiscovery processes.