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Building the Business Case: Adopting Technology

Federal, state, and local government agencies are increasingly turning to technology to solve key challenges related to public records disclosures granted under the Freedom of Information Act and state Sunshine and Open Records laws.

The right technology will improve public records disclosure processes by reducing delays and backlogs and delivering fast, thorough, and reliable results through validated workflows and consistent institution-wide practices. These goals are best met by integrating a single technology platform into your agency’s existing IT infrastructure that is specifically designed to complete the entire process.

This paper helps identifies key areas of ROI supporting the adoption of an integrated technology platform and presents costs and savings projections for each. Through detailed cost-benefit analyses, you will find answers to questions like:

  • Why is a single platform better than myriad alternative solutions?
  • How can I determine the technology’s ROI?
  • What specific benefits does the technology bring to our public records disclosure processes?
  • If we have to prioritize, which area should we focus on first?
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Download this white paper to learn more.

Download to learn how to adopt an integrated technology platform to improve public records disclosure processes.