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Data Governance and eDiscovery for Financial Services Corporations

For financial institutions, a rapid growth of data necessitates the construction of sound Information Governance (IG) programs with increased vigilance when protecting sensitive customer data.

While a large portion of information technology and security professionals’ time and effort is spent ensuring that this data is available and accessible for the business purposes for which it was collected, once the institution holds the data, these professionals must also ensure that it is not exposed to unauthorized entities.

Balancing these two needs is challenging without the appropriate data policies and technology that form a financial organization’s Information Governance. The data financial institutions possess is also important for business dealings as well as potentially in litigation and in regulatory investigations. Organizations benefit when they plan to possess the tools needed to store, analyze, and review data.

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Discover the importance of a financial services organization understanding its data, what is required of the organization as a custodian of private data, and how organizations can benefit from the collected data.