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Public Records Requests Maturity Model

Federal, state and local government agencies are working to develop more efficient and effective practices to ease and improve their efforts in disclosing records in response to requests sent under the Freedom of Information Act and other public records acts.

We created the FOIA/Public Records Act maturity model to aid them in their decision-making processes. The maturity model provides a comparison framework of 5 different methods and tools government agencies use when completing public records disclosures.

This white paper describes the technology tools and procedures used (or not) in each of these categories and analyzes their effectiveness in supporting agency disclosure practices in five critical areas:

  • Financial
  • Quality & risks
  • Ease of use & automation
  • Security
  • Processes & collaboration
Tablet with eDiscovery compliance symbols floating

Download this white paper to learn more.

Download to learn the maturity model to aid in decision-making processes.