Trial Preparation and Presentation Services

Expert trial preparation and presentation service

Our trial consultants have logged thousands of hours in the courtroom. Leverage their expertise to streamline operations from preparation to presentation

Arrange trial information

Trial staff with 1000s of hours logged inside court rooms.

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Trial project management

Optimal placement of presentation technology, with clear visibility, and audio for all participants.

Exhibit preparation, including deposition clip creation and edits.
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War room and witness preparation

Conduct run-throughs with your team, gather exhibits, handle jury exercises, and prepare witnesses.

Get a technological duplicate of the courtroom available to you 24/7. Services include identification of ideal war room location, setup and tear down of all equipment, vendor negotiations, and video testimony playback.
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Trial presentation service

Present your most effective case yet with help of our trial technicians.

Including hot seat and court room presentation, evidence database management, PowerPoint production and editing, deposition clips & exhibits, equipment setup, testing and tear down, in-trail assistance and in-court presentation of evidence.
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