Early Case Assessment

Accelerate your review and reduce your eDiscovery timeline

Piece together what happened quickly and earlier in your case by searching, collecting and reviewing live data

Search and filter

If you are interested in early case assessment (ECA) we recommend Data Collection and EDA as a new approach to eDiscovery

Understand your data as soon as your case starts by searching, analyzing, and reviewing live data

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Swiftly reduce your data set

Focus on what’s relevant, reduce a high amount of unnecessary data with automated workflows.

Easily switch from macro to micro view to cull and filter data and understand what exists.
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Surface what you don’t know

Start with what you know and expand as the story unfolds, then let the solution assist you as you learn more about your case.

Quickly learn more about your case and easily follow actions to uncover relevant information.
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Prioritize your review

Feel confident in your strategy prior to beginning your review to surface the most relevant information first.

Let the solution assist you with identifying where to best start your review.


Meeting client expectations

Information equals power

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