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What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery, or e-discovery, is short for electronic discovery. This term refers to discovery during legal proceedings where the desired information is in electronic format.

Why is eDiscovery important?

eDiscovery can be utilized for a number of areas to improve data processes, including Data Processing, Early Case Assessment, and Document Review.

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Data Processing

A proven and open solution designed for large volumes and complex workflows, data processing is the collection and manipulation of electronic data to produce meaningful information.
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Feel confident using a data processing solution that can scale to your needs and get results quickly.
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Early Case Assessment

Understand your data as soon as your case starts by searching, analyzing, and reviewing live data with Early Case Assessment.
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Start with what you know and expand as the story unfolds, then let the solution assist you as you learn more about your case.
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Document Review

By implementing good Document Review practices, data sent to outside counsel can be reviewed and reduced, significantly lowering eDiscovery costs without sacrificing defensibility.
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Let your expertise shine without worrying about the solution or the eDiscovery process.
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Public Records Requests

During Public Records Requests, or PRR for short, government agencies need to find and provide relevant documents.
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Automate your public records request workflow from collection to production in a single and collaborative solution.

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