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What is Information Governance?

Information Governance, or IG for short, is the encompassing discipline for all other information-related disciplines and aligns their efforts within an organization.

Why is Information Governance important?

Information Governance can be utilized for a number of areas to improve data processes and standards, including Retention and Archiving, Data Access Governance, Privacy, Compliance & Risk, and Public Records Requests.

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Retention and Archiving

Retention and archiving refer to the policies and processes involving access, security, and restoration of organization data.
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Using data retention solutions, remain compliant with industry and local regulations.
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Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance empowers an organization to reduce data access risk and minimize retained data.
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Using data governance solutions, remain compliant with industry and local regulations.
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Privacy, Compliance & Risk

Privacy, Compliance & Risk involves identifying sensitive data for compliance and reporting, as well as monitoring live data for potential data privacy risks.
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Remain compliant with your industry and geographic regulations for data privacy.

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