Compliance Solutions

Resolve All Your Data Compliance Issues 

Scan, classify, and apply policies to your unstructured data. Meet compliance requirements for SEC, FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and more

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Data Grows, Regulations Multiply, Risk Increases

CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility. Knowing where your high-value data is stored and that it is securely governed is now a clear business imperative for any regulated organization. But the sheer volume of information growth and the quantity of data sources, across multiple storage locations make this a truly daunting task. Minimize data-related risks by empowering compliance teams to audit and control all their enterprise data with our compliance solutions.

Gain Visibility & Rapidly Implement Controls 

Connect to all data repositories – whether on-premises or in the cloud – with REMEDIATE. Run complex searches across both live and archived information simultaneously. View your search results in seconds. Results show matches across multiple storage locations, applications, and users in a single window.

Deploy Invisible Compliance Automation on Regulated Data with AI

Quickly scan and classify vast amounts of files using AI models developed for sensitive data (PII, PCI, PHI). Further enhance these models to meet your business requirements. Tune them to meet discreet confidence levels. Remediate and get alerted of newly discovered compliance issues as they arise.

Processing Techniques for Complex Cases

Facilitate Internal Compliance Investigations

Minimize the time and effort necessary to comply with active monitoring requirements from various compliance agencies (FINRA, SEC). Detect issues across email, chats, meetings and more. When a match is found, instantly drill down using advanced search capabilities to eliminate any false alerts. Preserve audit reports to provide proof of compliance to your stakeholders. 

Minimize Access Rights to Regulated Data

Apply Zero Trust principles with Analyze & Protect. Get real-time access rights and permission reports for all locations that store regulated data. Create an evidence-based remediation plan for all stakeholders. On a move-forward basis, automate all permissions to your data storage up to date by enforcing policies that proactively prevent unauthorized access.