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Protect Your Data with Identity-Centric File Security 

Improve file security by focusing your resources on what matters. Know your data assets, where they are, and who has access to them

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Information is Power, and Everyone Wants Access

Electronic data (AKA files) need to be protected even more than physical assets. Criminals and other bad actors are constantly probing your network and cloud-based applications, looking for ways to gain illicit access to your data. IPRO believes in a layered approach to Information Security. It starts with empowering your InfoSec team to do the simple stuff first – protect what they can easily control. Get a handle on the valuable data you store and who gets to access it with our security solutions. 

Eliminate Data Waste to Secure Information

Up to 70% of all the information organizations store is composed of Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial data (ROT). These files have no business value, consume expensive storage, and may even put your organization at risk of non-compliant data destruction. InfoSec’s challenge is to find and eliminate ROT, across all locations, without impacting your valuable data. With ENFORCE, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge.

From Confusion to Clarity, Untangling Access Rights

Effective and agile Data Access Governance (DAG) becomes achievable when your InfoSec team knows what to preserve and protect. ENFORCE gives you detailed reports of who in the organizations has access to high-value targets. This evidence-based reporting is the perfect starting point to enforce your policies. Finally remediate superfluous privileges and prevent future changes.

Find Your High-Value Data Assets for Safekeeping

Instantly connect to multiple data repositories with REMEDIATE. Get a comprehensive view of all your live, on legal hold, and archived information in one application, with full support for multi-vendor, multi-system environments. Quickly locate valuable or confidential information. Beyond simple keyword and regex searches, our AI-powered concept search lets you discover, track and act on regulated data like PII, PCI, and PHI. 

Minimize Email Content Risks

Real-time indexing and search for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server lets you instantly take control of sensitive, compromised, or malicious messages that may be lurking in your employee’s mailboxes. Identify and remove any phishing attacks that made it through your email gateway security. Easily pinpoint any message that violates your content or security policies, and quarantine these pending further investigation.

Reduce the Impact Of Data Breaches with Instant Evidence

Dramatically cut down the time and effort necessary to understand and report on the impact of a security breach. Perform the forensics process in-house, then transparently and quickly assign audit rights to a specialized external firm. Determine the remediation steps required by getting the facts, and then meet any reporting obligations. 

Defensible Deletion – Less Data is Safer Data

Once you have eliminated ROT and data stores are finally cleaned-up according to a legally defensible policy plan, ensure it stays that way. Invisible automation will offload what you are legally required to retain, but no longer need in day-to-day production, from your live systems to a secure and read-only archive. This defensible deletion of enterprise content greatly reduces data-related risk.

Playbook – Data-Centric Security

Defining a solid InfoSec strategy is somewhat complex, but not complicated. Follow the steps included our Data-Centric Security Playbook to get started. Download this resource to learn how to Information Governance is the ideal starting point to secure your valuable data.