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Never miss a FOIA or PRR deadline, instantly get to the information to quickly respond

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Trusted by government, corporations and law firms

Find relevant documents faster and reduce time, costs, and errors associated with manual redaction

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Reduce response time and effort

Automate your public records request workflow from collection to production in a single and collaborative solution.

Centralize your collection process using one solution to collect from multiple different sources, removing error-prone hand-offs.
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Protect sensitive information

Using AI-driven methods, automate the process in identifying and protecting sensitive information.

Identify sensitive personal and health information such as name, contact information, passports, driver license, gender, and much more.
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Increase trust in your public records request response

Limit the follow up inquiries and questions by providing a quality and accurate set of records.

Instantly search data allowing you to help scope the request and get the most relevant information, reducing the burden of data volumes.


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