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So Much ESI is “Fair Game” When It Comes to Employment Litigation

Written by Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today Perhaps one of the most common types of eDiscovery case law rulings that I write about relates to employment litigation. Employment disputes are common and many of them lead to litigation, which leads to discovery of ESI to support or refute the employment dispute claims. That ESI […]

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July 22, 2021

Addressing the Proportionality Challenge in Discovery Starts at the Beginning

Written by Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today I’m sure your response to the title is “no kidding, Captain Obvious!” So, let me explain what…

July 8, 2021

The Federal Court System CARES Whether Virtual Court Proceedings Are Here to Stay

Written by Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today I love getting a comment from a reader about a blog post I’ve written! I love it…

May 18, 2021

How Information Governance Can Help You Sail into a “Meet and Confer” Prepared

Have you ever tried to solve a complicated problem and thought, “If only there were a rulebook to help me figure this out?” Fortunately, eDiscovery…

September 18, 2020

Why Do Attorneys Feel Mired in “Low-Value Work?”

In a recent Artificial Lawyer article, they featured a survey which found that 67% of in-house attorneys at fast-growth companies felt buried in low-value work.…

May 12, 2020

Thinking Outside the eDiscovery Box: How Technology Solves Data Problems Beyond Litigation

eDiscovery offers a solution to quickly ingest, organize, analyze & report on large datasets.

December 9, 2019

Is eDiscovery Existing in a Post-Sanctions World?

Is eDiscovery Existing in a Post-Sanctions World? The short (and obvious) answer is no. Rule 37(e) isn’t going anywhere. But recent case law indicates a…

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